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About is a website for book fangirls and fanboys alike (known around here as fanpeople).

Whether you’re a Hunger Games, Paper Towns, or Divergent fanboy, or a Lord of the Rings, The Vampire Diaries, or Looking for Alaska fangirl, you’ll fit in perfectly here. Because we understand. We get it: the loyalty, the enthusiasm (which some view as partial insanity, but psh, whatever), the sleepless nights (because just . . . one . . . more . . . chapter) and the side-eyeing you most likely receive on a daily basis from concerned family and friends. (There is nothing wrong with camping out at the premiere of your favorite book-turned-movie . . . a week beforehand. In the winter. Without food. Or water. Or basic human necessities. Because Ansel Elgort. And because Jennifer Lawrence. And because Theo James. And Kristen Stewart. . . .)

What we post about:

We share news about film and television adaptations of our favorite books (mostly YA books/adaptations, but sometimes we post about new adult or adult books and their film/TV adaptations, too), and the stars of the films/shows. We share news about new and upcoming YA novels and their authors, and we also do book reviews and giveaways.

We hope you enjoy your stay. To interact with other fanboys and fangirls, please come join our friendly Facebook family here, and/or follow us on Twitter here, where side-eyeing is strictly prohibited, but having more than three book boyfriends/girlfriends is encouraged (because how are we supposed to choose?)

With love,