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Action-Packed Insurgent Trailer Debuts Online!

Action-Packed Insurgent Trailer Debuts Online!

The Insurgent trailer was just released and you can now check it out below! The trailer is seriously intense . . . how are we supposed to wait until March to see the movie after this? There’s so much waiting involved in being a fan-person. Gosh.

The trailer gives us so much: A glimpse of the Factionless, a Four and Tris kiss, Tris fighting against herself . . .

In comparison to the first movie, Divergent, you can see that Insurgent is far more action-packed and that Tris has become more fearless than ever.

Watch for yourself!

I think it’s safe to say that we can forgive them for releasing that confusing, anticlimactic teaser trailer back in November. This one was definitely much better and shows a lot of the actual story rather than just a glimpse of Tris’s fear landscape.

We posted some new Insurgent stills throughout the week, so if you missed those you can click here to check them out. There a steamy one of Tris and Four included!

What do you think of the new Insurgent trailer?