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Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz to Star in “November Criminals” Together

Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz to Star in “November Criminals” Together

Carrie co-stars Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz are going to star in another movie together! The duo will play love interests in teen thriller “November Criminals.”

Hitchcock’s Sacha Gervasi is directing.

The film is based on the teen thriller novel of the same title by Sam Munson.

The book’s synopsis reads:

For a high school senior, Addison Schacht has a lot of preoccupations. Like getting into college. Selling drugs to his classmates. His complicated relationship with his best friend (NOT his girlfriend) Digger. And he’s just added another to the list: the murder of his classmate Kevin Broadus, and his own absurd, obsessive plan to investigate the death. When presented with an essay question on his application to the University of Chicago—What are your best and worst qualities?—Addison finds himself provoked into giving his final, unapologetic say about all of the above and more.

Addison Schacht finds good company among American literature’s cadre of unsettled, restless youth, from Huck Finn to Holden Caulfield. The November Criminals takes on the terrain of the classic adolescent truth-telling novel and—with nerve and erudition—carves out its own unique territory.

The President of Lotus Entertainment describes the upcoming film as “a beautiful love story between two teenagers set against the backdrop of a murder mystery.”

We’re definitely geeking out over getting to see Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz play love interests in a movie!

Now, off to read the book . . .

Are you excited to see Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz in “November Criminals?”

Many thanks to Deadline