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Check Out Sugarscape’s “Paper Towns” Movie Set Adventure

Check Out Sugarscape’s “Paper Towns” Movie Set Adventure

The folks over at Sugarscape had the opportunity to visit the “Paper Towns” movie set, and they’ve written a great article giving us fans the inside scoop on what goes down on a John Green book-to-film set.

Paper Towns” hits theaters on July 24—just under two months away—so this should help alleviate the wait!
Arriving bright and early, it’s day 23 of the 34 days that production are expecting to shoot, and the set for today is actually a fully working high school. Everything here is real and while the cameras, crew and banners for Jefferson Park High School’s summer prom might seem a touch out of place bearing in mind it’s actually a couple of weeks before Christmas, they blend right in with the genuine notices recruiting for SAT prep classes and French club that are pasted over the walls.


Heading inside, the first person we come face to face with is John himself. Heavily involved with the movie making process of the second of his books to get the silver screen treatment, he is every bit as warm and wonderful as you’d imagine and after coming over to say hey, he wants to know exactly who we are and where we’ve come from to be here.

On hearing we are from the UK, conversation obviously turns straight to football and after a sticky moment where we accidentally admit to supporting Chelsea (sorry JG, we’ve seen the error of our ways), he tells us what they are filming today and how this is all about setting the scene of the different social strata that not only feature in the book, but were largely influenced by his own high school experience too.

Downplaying his role on set, he says, “They call me Executive Producer but I do exactly the same thing that I did on The Fault in Our Stars. I just spend most of my time being excited that I get to be here. I basically get to spend time with the cast and the crew, talk about the book with them and just have fun, really.”

In between takes, all filming halts as the bell sounds and hundreds of utterly nonplussed kids stream out of their classrooms and head to their next classes without so much as batting an eyelid at the production going on in the hallways. That said, it’s not the up and coming members of the cast, but John who quietly and without any fuss pulls his hood up and takes a step back to blend in and not attract too much attention to himself.

. . .

As they go around and around the parking lot, it becomes clear that this movie making business is also pretty slow moving, period. It takes all morning to get the right shots, but it just shows how dedicated they all are to telling this story, and are paying such intense care to getting the shots just right.

Read the entire article over at Sugarscape!