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‘Divergent’ Series Author Veronica Roth Talks the Art of Fitting a Book into a Movie!

‘Divergent’ Series Author Veronica Roth Talks the Art of Fitting a Book into a Movie!

In this new clip from the behind-the-scenes footage from the Insurgent Blu-Ray, Divergent series author Veronica Roth spoke about book to movie differences in the Insurgent movie and what is important to her in regards to preserving details from the actual book.

“I’m always really open minded to change,” the author said, “as long as it creates a better and stronger story. What I’m more afraid of is when characters change, so it was very important to me to ensure the dynamic between Tris and Four remained the same and that he wasn’t dominating her. And since this is Tris’s story it was very important to me that she still be the primary mover of the plot.”

We have to agree that the most important thing with adapting a book is that the characters stay the same. Sometimes the plot needs to change a little to make the whole experience more engaging for moviegoers, but the characters need to be how the author wrote them—which is why we love Tris and Four and all the characters from this series so much, meaning the book and movie versions of them. Because movie Tris and movie Four and movie Caleb etc., are all very true to how Veronica wrote them.

Check out the video:

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