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Dylan O’Brien Talks to EW About Acting, ‘The Scorch Trials,’ and More!

Dylan O’Brien Talks to EW About Acting, ‘The Scorch Trials,’ and More!

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly recently had the chance to chat with the star of Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Dylan O’Brien.

The busy actor discussed how working on Teen Wolf prepared him for his role in The Scorch Trialswhich is the sequel to The Maze Runner. The movies were adapted from the best-selling YA book series written by James Dashner.

How the role of Stiles Stilinski on MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf prepared him for taking on big movie roles:

It literally became my acting school, where I went every day for six months every year.

Dylan never imagined he’d be a performer:

“I was very shy. I would take piano lessons, but would never perform in the recitals.”

The one question he had for director Wes Ball before returning to film the sequel to ‘The Maze Runner’:

“I asked him how much running I had ahead of me. Even though I knew that the movie could take a different direction, I just love running.”

His future career goals:

“I just hope to do good stuff, where I feel appropriate being the one telling that story.”

Head over to Entertainment Weekly to read the entire article!

The Scorch Trials hits theatres September 18!