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Sequel to Young Adult Gothic Romance “Fallen” in Development at Aspire

Sequel to Young Adult Gothic Romance “Fallen” in Development at Aspire

Fallen fans! Awesome news. The first “Fallen” movie hasn’t even been released in theaters yet, but Aspire Entertainment is already currently developing the sequel, Variety reports. Looks like they’re predicting good things for this series because starting work on a sequel without releasing the first adaptation is quite the ballsy move. Especially with Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments—both supernatural love stories—bombing at the box office in previous years.

Could the world of supernatural creatures and gothic romance be making a comeback? Is the world ready to welcome back our beloved vampires and angels from the dead? We think so!

If you’re like us, then you kind of miss the whole supernatural book and movie craze. It feels like ages since a production company has even considered taking on a new supernatural romance. With the popularity of the Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries, and the addition of The Originals, everyone assumed us supernatural fans would grow tired of gothic romances—but that’s definitely not the case. In our experience, fans of these types of stories tend to be the most passionate and long-lasting. Our point? We’re glad to see another supernatural romance making its way to the big screen, and we hope they do a great job with it. We’re basically desperate for more gothic romance movies to look forward to.

Fallen” is set to hit theaters in 2015, and stars Addison Timlin (Lucinda “Luce” Price), Jeremy Irvine (Daniel Grigori), Harrison Gilbertson (Cam Briel), Joely Richardson (Ms. Sophia), and Lola Kirke (Penn) among others.

Fallen” is the story about a girl (Luce) who is accused of killing a boy and, as a result, is sent to a reform school called “Sword and Cross.” She’s not there long before she becomes the object of Daniel and Cam’s affection. She later discovers that the two boys are fallen angels, and they’ve been competing for her love for centuries.

Fallen” was directed by Scott Hicks.

The movies are based on the bestselling young adult gothic romance series by Lauren Kate. The first book, “Fallen,” was published in 2009, followed by “Torment,” “Passion,” and “Rapture.”

Are you excited for the “Fallen” movies?