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‘Fangirl’ Author Rainbow Rowell Admits to Writing Harry Potter Fanfiction

‘Fangirl’ Author Rainbow Rowell Admits to Writing Harry Potter Fanfiction

While her novel Fangirl is centered around a nerdy female named Cath who writes fanfiction based on the fictional Simon Snow fantasy series, author Rainbow Rowell admitted that she has something in common with her protagonist: She also wrote fanfiction. Harry Potter fanfiction. Rainbow admitted that her story focuses on Harry and Draco as a couple, which is a popular romantic pairing in the Harry Potter fanfiction world.


Rowell gave a a brief summary of her fanfiction to the folks over at TheBookSeller:

“It’s funny because it’s where I was in life. It’s Harry and Draco as a couple who have been married for many years, and they’re raising Harry’s kids, with Ginny, she has not been vilified.

“It’s them dealing with attachment parenting and step-parents and all these middle-aged issues of what it means to be a step-parent.”

And although Rainbow Rowel has never published the work on the Internet, she plans to read an excerpt from it during her appearance at the Harry Potter fan convention LeakyCon in America later this month.

On the idea of someday meeting J. K. Rowling, Rainbow had this to say:

“Someday I’ll meet J K Rowling and I’ll be mortified,” Rowell told The Bookseller. “If our paths were ever to cross, I don’t want this to come up.”

You can check out the rest of the interview over at Bookseller!