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Filmmakers of ‘Vampire Academy’ Use IndieGoGo to Fund Sequel, ‘Frostbite’

Filmmakers of ‘Vampire Academy’ Use IndieGoGo to Fund Sequel, ‘Frostbite’

Vampire Academy

The filmmakers behind Vampire Academy are working on a new strategy to make the sequel, Frostbite, happen. As many of you know, the first Vampire Academy film didn’t exactly rake in the big bucks needed to make a sequel, but that hasn’t stopped the production team from using the popular crowd-funding site, IndieGoGo, to raise the funds needed.

Back in July reported that the production team had raised the majority of the funds needed to bring the Frostbite movie to fruition, but they still need to raise 1.5 million through fan donations. If they can reach this goal, then the financial backers will see that there is a strong fan-interest and will therefore fund the rest.

The Campaign is set to launch this Wednesday, August 6.

Producer Mike Preger spoke to MTV about why they have chosen to move forward through crown funding:

“The fans mean everything to us,” he said in an email to MTV News. “We decided to move forward with ‘Frostbite’ because of the fans, and we want to give them the purest book to film adaptation possible. We have a script by Piers Ashworth [screenwriter of “St. Trinian’s”] that does just that. We want to give them exactly what they expect.”

Producer Deepak Nayar explains that their financial backing is based solely on fan interest:

“Our financiers were willing to move forward ONLY if we could show them the fans would support us,” Nayar said. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that we would not be here without them.”

If they do reach their goal, shooting for Frostbite will start in early 2015, with the film making its way into theaters by the end of 2015. No casting has yet been confirmed, although we’re sure they want to bring back as many members of the original cast as possible.

Frostbite is the second novel in Richelle Mead’s bestselling YA fastasy Vampire Academy series.