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Harry Potter Fandom! Would You Attend This Real-Life Hogwarts?

Harry Potter Fandom! Would You Attend This Real-Life Hogwarts?

So . . . this is a thing. It’s kind of every Harry Potter fan’s dream to attend Hogwarts, and now you kind of can. Polish live-action role players went ahead and invented their own College of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and they’re inviting Potter fans to attend.

The College of Wizardry experience, complete with professors and costumes, is held at the Czocha Castle in Poland. The first session already took place in November, with the next session happening in April.

The cost is around $345.

From the website of the creators:

We want the larp to feel like you’re stepping into the world of Harry Potter. Emotional drama, school rivalry, young adults fighting the battles of adults, and occasional comedy are all part of the experience. We cannot recreate the special effects of the movies, but we can recreate quite a lot of the visual feel – and not least the drama.

We want drama, escalation of conflicts and de-escalation back to normalcy again. We want intrigues and friendships. And most of all, we want to make sure that all players know that here it’s more fun playing to lose – you’ll get better drama and awesome scenes.

It is a fan event created by volunteers from Denmark and Poland, and takes place at the Polish castle of Czocha. In the larp, participants play the roles of students, teachers and other people at the fictional Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It is a collaborative experience in the Nordic larp tradition, and is created by the players and organizers together, with everyone pitching in and helping make the magic come alive. It’s essentially the same as when kids use curtains as robes and sticks as wands and run around pretending to be witches and wizards – except we’re grownups with nicer costumes and a lot of experience in designing interactive experiences for each other.

You can read more at the official website here.

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Poland

I have no shame, so I’ll go ahead and admit that this is something I’d seriously consider doing. As a huge Harry Potter fan, getting the opportunity to feel like I’m part of that magical world would be incredible. Looks like a seriously fun experience, and it’s not every day you get to go to school in a castle and spend time with fellow Potter fans!

Would you attend the College of Witchcraft and Wizardry?