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Sneak Peek of the Official ‘Hunger Games’ Coloring Book

A Hunger Games coloring book? Sure, why not!

Thanks to EW we have a sneak peek at the new official ‘Hunger Games‘ coloring book—titled ‘The World of the Hunger Games‘—including the cover!

The gold, black and white book features characters and scenes from all four of the Hunger Games films.

The Hunger Games is the latest book fandom phenomenon to get its own coloring book. Game of Thrones and Harry Potter already have coloring books inspired by their wondrous worlds.

Since adult coloring books became the latest must-have, various pop culture phenomenons have been cashing in on the trend—and we don’t mind one bit. Getting to reimagine (and recolor, ha!) iconic scenes from our favorite stories is just another way to escape into these spellbinding worlds!
Hunger Games coloring book

HUNGER-GAMES-0004 Hunger Games coloring book Hunger Games coloring book

The Hunger Games Coloring Book brightens up shelves on Sept. 27.