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Ian Somerhalder’s Interview With ‘The Talk’

Ian Somerhalder’s Interview With ‘The Talk’

The Vampire Diaries hunk Ian Somerhalder dropped by CBS’ The Talk yesterday. Check out the interview below, which includes a  clip from the next Vampire Diaries episode. You also get to see Ian play a mystery food game called ‘What Am I Biting?’

He also chats a little bit about the new season of TVD and Damon’s new and cute relationship with Bonnie. Revealing a little tidbit about the episode titles, Ian told that audience that “every episode in this season is actually named after a song from 1994.” That’s actually really cool that they’re throwing back to the ’90’s. We loved the soundtrack from the last episode: “Yellow Ledbetter.” So much nostalgia. (Born in the ’80’s, baby!)

All right, enjoy the interview!