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‘If I Stay’ Movie Soundtrack Full Track Listing!

‘If I Stay’ Movie Soundtrack Full Track Listing!

The full track listing for the If I Stay movie soundtrack has been revealed! There are some seriously awesome songs on this soundtrack. As if the book and movie weren’t cool enough, not they have a kick-ass soundtrack. We’ve posted the If I Stay soundtrack track listing and song previews below. The If I Stay score soundtrack will be released August 19, 2014, and the release date for the movie is August 22, 2014. You can pre-order this soundtrack here.

If I Stay Soundtrack

Track Listings
1. Who Needs You (The Orwells)
2. Until We Get There (Lucius)
3. I Want What You Have (Willamette Stone)
4. All of Me (Tanlines)
5. Promise (Ben Howard)
6. Never Coming Down (Willamette Stone)
7. Halo (Ane Brun and Linnéa Olsson)
8. I Will Be There (Odessa)
9. Mind (Willamette Stone)
10. Morning (Beck)
11. Karen Revisited (Sonic Youth)
12. Today (Willamette Stone)
13. Heart Like Yours (Willamette Stone)
14. Heal (If I Stay Version) (Tom Odell)

Who Needs You (The Orwells)

Until We Get There (Lucius)

All of Me (Tanlines)

Promise (Ben Howard)

Halo (Ane Brun and Linnéa Olsson)

I Will Be There (Odessa)

Morning (Beck)

Karen Revisited (Sonic Youth)

Thanks so much to our friends over at for the heads-up!