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‘If I Stay’ Music Featurette + New TV Spot!

‘If I Stay’ Music Featurette + New TV Spot!

It’s always a bittersweet feeling when the movie you’ve been waiting ages for is finally out in theaters. Because even though the wait is excruciating, it’s also fun. You meet new friends who are just as anxious as you are, and you fangirl or fanboy together as new stills and interviews and TV spots are released. But now we can fanperson over the actual movie . . . and that’s awesome, too.

If I Stay‘ finally hits theaters tomorrow (August 22), and we’re so beyond excited! Below we have a new music featurette and a new TV spot to hold you over until you get a chance to go see the film.

If I Stay music featurette:

If I Stay TV Spot:

(Many thanks to Vera)