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‘Insurgent’ Producers Talk About Controversial ‘Allegiant’ Ending and Expanding the Franchise

‘Insurgent’ Producers Talk About Controversial ‘Allegiant’ Ending and Expanding the Franchise

Co-heads of Red Wagon Entertainment, Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher, opened up to THR about all things to do with the ‘Divergent‘ universe recently, including the controversial ‘Allegiant‘ ending and whether or not they plan to change it.

The powerhouse duo also revealed that they do not plan to adapt Veronica Roth’s ‘Four’ novella due to the fact that Theo James is simply too old to play teenage Four, and they wouldn’t want anyone else to step into his role. (Theo James is gorgeous indeed, but it would be quite hard — and a little weird — to try and make him look like a teenager.)

Without further ado, here’s the scoop from Wick and Fisher:

On whether or not the controversial ‘Allegiant‘ ending will be changed in the movie:

WICK: No, because, without getting into the spoiler stuff, that tradition in movies of that kind of ending can be incredibly powerful. We’re going to embrace it.

On why they won’t adapt Veronica Roth’s spinoff novella, ‘Four,’ into a movie:

FISHER: Four takes place when [Four, a main protagonist in the book trilogy] is in high school. It would pain us too much to have Four be anybody but Theo [James, who plays him onscreen]. She wrote a lot of material that she didn’t use, too. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we’ll mine her brain. But we keep Four as Theo James.

On if they plan to adapt Veronica Roth’s recently-announced duology:

FISHER: Yes, we’ve talked to her about it, but it’s still early. She’s just writing it, and she’s very protective in the early stages.

How would you like to see them expand the ‘Divergent’ world? I’d love to read all the extra material Veronica Roth has! Surely it’s amazing. I’m glad they plan to “mine her brain” rather than try to continue without her input.

Insurgent‘ hits theaters on March 20!