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Why Isn’t the ‘Eleanor & Park’ Movie Happening? Rainbow Rowell Discusses With Hypable!

Why Isn’t the ‘Eleanor & Park’ Movie Happening? Rainbow Rowell Discusses With Hypable!

The folks over at Hypable had the opportunity to chat with New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell about what, exactly, happened to the movie adaptation of ‘Eleanor & Park.’

The book was a massive hit, with ravenous fans across the globe begging to see it recreated on the big screen. And in 2014, it looked like fans were going to get what they wished for when DreamWorks picked up the rights to the bestseller.

Rowell was even set to pen the screenplay.

However, the movie is, unfortunately, no longer in development, as Rowell recently divulged via her Twitter:

When Hypable spoke with Rowell, this is what she told them:

“DreamWorks optioned it, I worked on a screenplay, and we worked together for a year and a half or so. It just got to the point where they were not going to make it, and that option timed out, and the rights came back to me.”

On writing the screenplay, she said:

“I just wanted a shot at it. I just wanted to see if I could do it.”

On testing her screenwriting abilities, she said:

“I’m very protective of Eleanor and Park because they’re the easiest to hurt. Those two characters would be the easiest to get wrong.”

At least now that he rights have been returned to Rowell, there is still a chance of the movie happening—some day. Perhaps the rights will be optioned again down the road, and the book brought to life on the big screen. For now, we’re glad the rights are safe with the author.

Hypable will release more of their interview with Rainbow Rowell in the coming week, so be sure to check back!

Do you want to see Eleanor & Park adapted for the big screen?