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John Green Blogs About ‘Looking for Alaska’ Movie, New Book, ‘Paper Towns’ Movie and More!

John Green Blogs About ‘Looking for Alaska’ Movie, New Book, ‘Paper Towns’ Movie and More!

Nerdfighters, good news! Author John Green took to his blog this evening to update his fans on everything we wanted to know, including news on the ‘Looking for Alaska‘ movie, how much he liked the ‘Paper Towns‘ movie, The Art Assignment, and he even revealed that he’s writing a new book . . . slowly, but surely. (New John Green book on the way? So. Much. Yes! We’re sure the wait will all be worth it.)

On seeing the ‘Paper Towns‘ movie:

I have seen the movie, and I love it. I thought the whole cast did an amazing job and it’s a beautifully shot film and very funny and sweet, and while I did not make it or really have much to do with making it, I am so grateful to those who’ve worked so hard on it.

On the ‘Paper Towns‘ movie getting a new release date:

The Paper Towns movie will come out in the U.S. on July 24th. (Hopefully there will be a showing on July 23rd with a special livestream into movie theaters, but I dunno yet.) I don’t know when it will premiere in other countries; SORRY.

Some encouraging news about the ‘Looking for Alaska‘ movie:

A series of encouraging developments makes a Looking for Alaska movie suddenly seem more likely. It’s still totally possible that it won’t happen, but Scott Neustadter and Mike Weber (who wrote both TFIOS and Paper Towns) have signed on to write the script, and the producers of TFIOS and Paper Towns have joined as well. That is very encouraging news.

On writing:

I am trying to write a new book. It is slow going.

Head over to John Green’s blog here to read the rest and follow him for future updates of this nature! (Also, his ask box is currently open!)