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Latest ‘Insurgent’ Still Shows the Factionless Living Cubes

Insurgent‘ hits theaters on March 20 (we’re just under a month away now—whoa!) and today a new still of the Factionless was released.

This looks so much better than I imagined it while reading the book—I can already tell they did an amazing job bringing the Factionless to life. And they might be small, but those living cubes look badass.

The Factionless have always been one of the most intriguing parts of this series for me. The ones who don’t fit in anywhere fit in with each other, and I just love that idea.

What makes it all even cooler is the quote that the official Divergent team captioned the photo: “The #Factionless, who are supposed to be without community . . . are together.”

So beautiful! While we’re anticipating a lot of movies for 2015, we have to be honest here and admit that ‘Insurgent‘ is our personal #1 most anticipated for the year. What’s yours?
Insurgent factionless

Insurgent‘ hits theaters on March 20!