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Paper Towns Movie News: Nat Wolff Had No Idea Who Cara Delevingne Was

Paper Towns Movie News: Nat Wolff Had No Idea Who Cara Delevingne Was

She might be one of the biggest superstars in the world right now, but Paper Towns movie star Nat Wolff has a confession: Before Cara Delevingne was cast for the role of Margo Roth Spiegelman, Nat had no idea who was. Speaking to MTV, Nat had this to say about Cara:

“This is going to sound crazy, because she’s the biggest super star in the world — I had never heard of her. She just came in to audition and she was unbelievable. I think she’s that character. She’s perfect for that role.”

In all fairness, I’m sure there are loads of poeple who aren’t all that interested in the modelling world. Plus Cara Delevingne has never had a ton of controversy surrounding her, so it’s understandable that someone may have never heard of her.

In fact, Paper Towns author John Green took to his Twitter and admitted he had never heard of her, either, saying:

Starting to get very very excited for #PaperTowns. Casting announcements soon!
(I was also unfamiliar with Cara before her audition. @natandalex and I are so hip and with it. At least I have the excuse of being old.)

Nat Wolff (who many of probably recognize from ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘ and ‘Stuck in Love‘) was cast for the role Quentin Jacobsen in the adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns, for those still getting caught up on their adaptation news. Cara Delevingne , as we previously stated, was cast as Margo Roth. We’re still waiting on more casting news, which John Green said he will announce soon.

From what we know so far, the movie will be shot in North Carolina and will be released June 5, 2015.
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Are you pleased with the Paper Towns movie casting so far?