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SeaWorld Scene Cut From ‘Paper Towns’ Movie

SeaWorld Scene Cut From ‘Paper Towns’ Movie

Paper Towns fans will notice a bit of a change when the film hits theaters in June: Due to the controversy surrounding SeaWord, Margo (Cara Delevingne) and Quentin’s (Nat Wolff) adventurous trip to the park has been cut from the film.

The movie’s producer, Wyck Godfrey, spoke to THR about the reasoning behind cutting the scene, saying:

“Since [John] wrote the book, the documentary [Blackfish] came out. I think it’s a little less playful to go to SeaWorld now.”

Sorry, kids, but we have to agree. Don’t mean to get all preachy, but if you haven’t watched the Blackfish documentary yet, we strongly suggest you do so.

We’re so happy to see that they chose to cut the scene that would have otherwise given SeaWorld tons of promotion.

The controversy surrounding the 2013 release of the Blackfish documentary caused the theme park’s attendance to plummet, a 45 percent stock drop, and the resignation of their CEO. In a release, the park blamed bad weather and the Easter holiday for its attendance drop.

Paper Towns follows Quentin Jacobsen, who has been in love with his mysterious and beautiful neighbor, Margo Roth, for ages. One night she appears at his window and lures him out to help her pull off some pranks. Together they go on a night-long pranking adventure, getting back at everyone who has ever wronged Margo. But the next day Margo goes missing. She’s left clues behind, and Quentin makes it his job to find her before it’s too late.

The Paper Towns movie hits theaters June 5!