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Paul Wesley is Selling This Adorable Cat Shirt to Help His Furry Friends!

Paul Wesley is Selling This Adorable Cat Shirt to Help His Furry Friends!

You have to give the boys of The Vampire Diaries credit: They might play deadly vampires on the CW hit show The Vampire Diaries, but in real life they do a lot of work for animals. Between Ian Somerhalder‘s work with his own foundation, ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation), and Paul Wesley’s partnership with the Humane Society, it’s safe to say we have a couple of sweethearts on our hands.

In his latest attempt to earn funds to help our furry, voiceless friends, Paul Wesley designed the adorable cat shirt that he’s wearing in the photo (below.) The shirt is also available without the text.

There are only 11 days left to buy Paul’s shirt, so to head over to now to get yours!
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley’s Facebook message to fans:

Guys lets keep it going! i want to sell 10,000 total! lets do this! not only can u make someone hopefully laugh with this gift, u can also help humane society! avail with or without text! go to REPRESENT.COM/PAUL.

Still need more reason to purchase this shirt and help a great cause? Paul is going to follow five people on Twitter who purchase the shirt!

PS i will follow 5 people on twitter who buy the shirt in the first 24 hours!

Well . . . we’re convinced! BRB, buying one for me and one for a friend.