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J.K. Rowling Posted New “Harry Potter” Writing #PottermoreChristmas

J.K. Rowling Posted New “Harry Potter” Writing #PottermoreChristmas

J.K. Rowling is feeling extra generous this holiday season, and so she decided to treat her fans to 12 “Harry Potter” surprises in the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve. Each day fans must solve a rhyming riddle to access the new content. You need a account to do this.

Today J.K. released the first gift, which is a small blurb about the fictional town of Cokeworth (the town where Spinner’s End is), which is where Severus Snape, Lily Evans (Harry Potter’s mom), and Petunia Dursley grew up.

Below is an image of the rhyming riddle, and we’ve put the answer below the image for those who can’t solve it. There have been a lot of people not typing the answer in properly so although the riddle looks easy, it’s still a bit tricky.
Harry Potter

The answer to the riddle is: [spoiler]“Professor Snape.” (Note: You NEED to add the “Professor” part, as just “Snape” won’t cut it.)[/spoiler]

Good luck, Potter fans! Can’t wait to see what the festive surprises are.