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The Scorch Trails Release Date Has Been Set!

The Scorch Trails Release Date Has Been Set!

Great news, Maze Runner fans! The Scorch Trails release date has been set. Just this afternoon, 20th Century Fox tweeted the following:

Huge news! Scorch Trials, sequel to #MazeRunner, will arrive Sept. 18, 2015.

They also attached director Wes Ball’s first concept art:
The Scorch Trails Release Date
Earning $32.5M (from 3,604 locations) over the weekend, the first Maze Runner movie is off to a strong start. The movie had one of the biggest Spetember debuts ever. Though it didn’t earn as much as Divergent in its opening weekend, it did beat Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (which brought in $31.2 million) and Ender’s Game (which opened with $27 million).

This is looking like the start of a seriously badass new franchise, folks! If you haven’t read the books (written by James Dashner) yet, you should. They’re great! With the The Scorch Trials release date set for almost exactly a year from now, this fandom is likely to swell to something incredible. We’re so excited for the future of this franchise, and for September 18, 2015!

Thanks to clever marketing of the action scenes, The Maze Runner movie brought in an attendance of 49 percent males—which is more than usual for young adult adaptations. This is the first young adult franchise with a male protagonist, so the movies and books will generate interest across genders. The Maze Runner also brought in a younger audience, with 64 percent of moviegoers below 25 years old.

Of the unique—and slightly risky—September opening date, Chris Aronson, Fox’s domestic distribution chief, had this to say:

“All of the elements came together in accomplishing something that no one ever tried by launching a young adult film like this in September. We like to stand out whenever we can and we selected this release date in order to be the first event film of the fall.”

Normally opening a young adult film right when all the young ones have gone back to school is a bit of a gamble, because their focus turns elsewhere and they’re less likely to attend late-night viewings, but this method seemed to work quite well for the Maze Runner.

We’re so excited to have a Scorch Trails release date now, and we will keep you posted on the progress of the movie, of course. Be sure to visit us frequently, or follow us on social media (the links are in the header!)

The Scorch Trails release date: September 18, 2015