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J.K. Rowling Crushes Severus Snape Vampire Rumor

J.K. Rowling Crushes Severus Snape Vampire Rumor

J.K Rowling has been in a festive mood this season, treating her fans to new Harry Potter writings—which have given us tiny revelations. Like recently when she revealed which character she regrets killing off the most, and a small blurb about the town of Cokeworth, which is where Severus Snape, Lily Evans (Harry Potter’s mom), and Petunia Dursley grew up. All you have to do is solve a riddle on her website and you’re free to access the new writings. (Account required.)

The riddle for the new material is:

With vampires and authors and a gatecrashing Malfoy, Slughorn’s Christmas party is one for (almost) all to enjoy. Much to the surprise of fans, friends and the rest, Which Loony Ravenclaw does Harry bring as a guest?

I think this is the easiest riddle yet! If you’re stuck, the answer is [spoiler]Luna Lovegood[/spoiler].

In Rowling’s latest holiday surprise to fans she reveals that, although vampires were not a big part of her series, she did play around with the idea. Earlier on she had written about a vampire teacher named Trocar, but he never saw the light.

She also crushed the rumor that Severus Snape was—or was ever going to be—a vampire, saying:

“While it is true that he has an unhealthy pallor, and is sometimes described as looking like a large bat in his long black coat, he never actually turns into a bat. We meet him outside in the castle by daylight, and no corpses with puncture marks in their necks ever turn up at Hogwarts. In short, Snape is not a re-vamped Trocar.”

I see what you did there, Rowling. Re-vamped. Ha!

For those wondering why J.K. Rowling never wrote more about vampire in her books, she clears that up by stating:

“The vampire myth is so rich, and has been exploited so many times in literature and on film, that I felt there was little I could add to the tradition.”

So there you have it, Potter fans! At no point did Rowling have plans to make Snape a vampire. Sanguini is the only actual vampire we get from Rowling.

We’ll keep you updated on the rest of the Pottermore Christmas surprises!