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Stephenie Meyer Talks ‘Midnight Sun,’ ‘Twilight’ Spinoffs and More!

Stephenie Meyer Talks ‘Midnight Sun,’ ‘Twilight’ Spinoffs and More!

Andrew Sims from Hypable was able to sit down and do a lovely one-on-one interview with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, where the author divulged a load of goodies for us ravenous Twilighters fans. For starters, she revealed which Hogwarts houses some of the main Twilight characters belong in, which characters’ stories she’d like to flesh out, what kind of parents Edward and Bella are to Renesmee, and so much more.

Check out some of the highlights!

Hypable: If you were to write about another character in the Twilight world, who would it be?

Stephenie Meyer: I think if I was really going to do it it would be Renesmee. And Leah. Those are the two most unresolved characters. If I was going to do it — if it wasn’t for my enjoyment — the fans would want Alice I think. That would be the one they definitely would want to have.

Hypable: Getting back to Renesmee, a lot of fans post-Breaking Dawn want to know what happened with Renesmee and Jacob.

Stephenie Meyer: And that would be the story, if I went there. If I went on with it. So I’m not going to tell you on the off chance that I do.

Hypable: Have you given that thought? Has your mind gone that way?

Stephenie Meyer: Oh yeah, there’s an outline. There’s several chapters written. It was something that I was working on before Breaking Dawn came out.

Hypable: What are Edward and Bella like towards Renesmee as parents?

Stephenie Meyer: I think they’d be great parents, but I think it’d also be terribly difficult because — actually it’s kind of interesting, because right now I’m in the middle of a life crisis with my oldest son leaving home. He turned 18, he’s moved out, and it has been so devastating in a way I did not forsee. So having a child that grows up so fast, you don’t even have the time [to spend with them], I think that would be terrifying.

Hypable: Would you say Edward and Bella as parents would be more like Charlie and Renee or —

Stephenie Meyer: Oh no, they’re way more helicopter parents than that. They are a lot more . . . eyes on.

Hypable: You said last week at New York Comic Con that E.L. James’ Grey put pause on Midnight Sun. So what I’m wondering now is, what is it going to take at this point for the book to be released?

Stephenie Meyer: I’m working on it. I didn’t completely shelve it because of that. It was just that — I was telling this story — it feels like it’s cursed. Because every time I start it, something happens and it’s just like, ‘ugh.’ But . . . my mother is going to kill me if I don’t do it. It’s more true than you know. This is all she wants from me. Every birthday, every Christmas present I get her, [she goes,] “you know what I really want.” This is my life.

Hypable: So other projects. The Host. There’s been talk of a sequel. Is that —

Stephenie Meyer: It’s partially written. This is where I’m dealing with the most frustrating writer’s block, where I just know everything that happens. Maybe I need to do it on my recorder and just have someone else type it up. I don’t know.

Hypable: What’s your Hogwarts House?

Stephenie Meyer: I think I would be Ravenclaw.

Hypable: Have you ever sorted Edward, Bella, Jacob?

Stephenie Meyer: Edward’s Gryffindor, Bella’s Hufflepuff, Jacob might be Hufflepuff too. Alice is Ravenclaw. I could probably [sort] them all.

Hypable: How about Renesmee?

Stephenie Meyer: Oh wow. She could pick any house she wanted I think. She’s got it all.

Read the entire (wonderful!) interview over at Hypable here!

There is just too much good news packed into one interview. Excuse me while I go explode and impatiently wait for more of Stephenie’s projects!