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‘Warm Bodies’ Sequel Finally Complete! It’s called ‘The Living’

‘Warm Bodies’ Sequel Finally Complete! It’s called ‘The Living’

So remember when Isaac Marion wrote a little book called ‘Warm Bodies,’ about zombies? And then it became a movie and starred the gorgeous Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer? That was pretty cool. Except we wanted a sequel . . . one book just wasn’t enough.

But guess what? There is now a sequel, and it’s called ‘The Living.’ Yes, Isaac Marion tweeted that he is finally done with ‘Warm Bodies‘ 2!

The Living‘  doesn’t have a set release date yet, but there is interest in adapting the sequel already, which we’re excited for!

The first ‘Warm Bodies‘ movie was released two years ago and grossed $116 million worldwide.

Are you excited for the ‘Warm Bodies‘ sequel?