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WATCH: Dear Bella #5 – “We’ve Met Before” #TwilightStories

WATCH: Dear Bella #5 – “We’ve Met Before” #TwilightStories

If you’re a Twilight fan and you haven’t seen the “Dear Bella” series by Alice Cullen (cosplayed by Vee of The Olympic Coven), then you’re seriously missing out!

If you have been keeping up with the series, then you’ll be happy to know that is exclusively premiering the brand new episode below, which is called, “We’ve Met Before.” This episode was inspired by one of the screenplay finalists for The Storytellers: New Voices of The Twilight Saga of the same title. In the new episode Alice recalls how she and Jasper met for the very first time. FYI: These videos are completely improvised (impressive, right?) Vee is Alice; I’m convinced that she stepped right out from between the pages of Stephenie’s books.

When you’re done watching, check below because we discuss the reasons why we think Vee should portray Alice Cullen in one of the upcoming short films. (Hint: As fans, we really want to see someone who knows Alice’s character, someone who really cares and will do a beautiful job with it, so we desperately hope that Vee has the chance to step in and play Alice in one of the Twilight Stories.)

Pssst! Want to know a little secret? We actually started out as a Twilight fan site back in late 2008/early 2009. Want to know another secret? We’re still shamelessly in love with the world that Stephenie Meyer created.

Now that the new Twilight Stories are being made, we’ve been sucked back into the world of vampires and werewolves, of course. (Once a Twilight lover, always a Twilight lover, right?) So naturally, we’re eager to find out who the winning Twilight Stories directors are going to cast to play some of our favorite characters.

It just so happens that three of the winning screenplays are based around Alice Cullen. To be completely truthful, we can’t think of a better person to play Alice Cullen than Vee. She is wildly devoted to making Twilighters smile with her perfect portrayal of the pixie-like vampire, and she has a lot of experience under her belt along with an established fan base. Looking at her photos, it’s not hard to see that Vee has a lot of physical similarities to Alice Cullen, as written by Stephenie Meyer — which is extremely important to us Twihards. Keeping true to the author’s world and characters is what makes a movie adaptation succeed. (We’ve been reporting on adaptations long enough to have gathered this.)

In a recent correspondence with Vee, I asked her how she stumbled into the world of Twilight, and the answer I received back captivated me because it’s really a story in itself, and something I feel like a lot of Twilight fans will relate to. She cares deeply about this saga, and there’s no question about it.

Here are some things she had to say about how she fell in love with Twilight, and Alice Cullen:

How she stumbled into the Twilight universe:

I picked the book up after I broke up with my long term boyfriend; I needed a distraction and I’d always been partial to young adult fiction. The selection process was two-fold: I’d started to hear whispers about Twilight on the Internet – mainly due to casting news surrounding the film – and
because I thought the cover was pretty. In typical Alice fashion, I was drawn to the beautiful imagery of a pair of alabaster hands cupping a luscious-looking apple. I’ve always been a magpie, completely enamored with shiny or beautiful things.

She related to Alice immediately:

I tore through Twilight like a madwoman, obsessed with every word Stephenie Meyer had written. Emotionally, it was exactly what I needed – to be reading through the eyes of a protagonist who was so dearly loved at a time when I felt so alone. I remember stumbling out into a snow storm in order to purchase New Moon and Eclipse – this was before Breaking Dawn had been published – because I couldn’t stand not knowing what came next in Bella’s story. Except, to me, it wasn’t just Bella’s story. In a small, energetic pixie named Alice, I saw myself, which made me feel more at home with
Twilight – and its fandom – than I ever had before with a work of fiction.

She already cosplays as Alice, which she doesn’t find to be much different from being herself because the two are naturally so similar:

Cosplaying was already a hobby that I’d enjoyed for several years, but being able to marry it with Twilight was especially satisfying. I spent hours poring over photos of Alice in order to reconstruct her look. I visited clothing websites, eBay, wig retailers; I researched jewellers and makers of accessories; I haunted vintage stories and consignment shops. If I was going to cosplay Alice, I was going to do it correctly. And, with time – and hundreds of dollars later – I managed to assemble quite the wardrobe of screen accurate Alice clothing, wigs, accessories and contact lenses. Her style was so similar to mine that, apart from the wigs and contact lenses, it felt like more of an investment into a higher quality wardrobe than anything else.

On how the “Dear Bella” series came to be:

In talking to prospective directors for The Storytellers: The New Voices of The Twilight Saga, they all wanted to see video of me as Alice – and rightfully so. Unfortunately, there’s very little video taken at Stephenie Meyer Day or the other events I’ve attended; people take an abundance of photos, but that’s about it. So, if I wanted to create an accurate portrayal of myself as Alice, I would have to get creative – and, after years of attempting to conceptualize YouTube videos for Alice, that’s how “Dear Bella” was born. I needed a reason for Alice to be speaking directly to a camera in a low budget set up, and that’s how I settled on the video diary concept. In order to flex my “Alice” muscles, I decided to completely improvise every episode and attempt to do each video in one take. Somehow, writing a script felt inorganic compared to the improv required at the events I’d worked for.

I highly suggest you head over to Vee’s blog here to read the five reasons why she personally thinks she should play Alice Cullen in The Storytellers: New Voices of The Twilight Saga. 

• To learn more about Vee’s involvement in the Olympic Coven cosplay group, like them on Facebook here, and Twitter here.

Check out some pictures of Vee as Alice: