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WATCH: Emma Watson’s HeForShe Conversation Video

WATCH: Emma Watson’s HeForShe Conversation Video

Happy international Women’s Day to all of our readers! Here’s something to smile about today: the lovely Emma Watson took the stage at the HeForShe Facebook conversation today at the Facebook offices. As a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Watson spoke about gender equality and answered fan questions about feminism and how the HeForShe movement has affected her.

We’re so proud of Emma for using her name and speaking out for gender equality. She’s such a passionate, determined young lady and we’re excited to see the changes she’s able to make.

We’ve posted some quotes from her conversation below the video too, so check ’em out!

From MTV:

“It’s not about men saving women.”
He For She is “not a men’s club,” Emma said. “It’s an equality club for both genders.” We can all come together to support each other, regardless of your gender identification.

“If you’ve got a beating heart and you care about things, that’s so great.”
Expressing your emotions should not be left to one gender. In fact, it’s part of our nature. “I’m really disturbed by this idea that men can’t cry,” Emma said. “It’s crazy. It’s what makes you human, how you feel, how you express yourself.”

“Chivalry should be consensual. Both parties should be comfortable with that.”
She shared a cute anecdote about taking a man out on a date and how it was initially awkward. However, they were soon able to make the situation easier to digest by talking it through. Emma still appreciates chivalry, but doesn’t think it should remain a one-sided action. Why can’t everyone just be kind to each other all of the time?

On her fake nude photo scandal, Emma said, “If anything, it made me so much more determined. I was raging.”
After her inspirational UN speech, a website was created claiming they would release nude photos of Emma if she didn’t back down on her stance toward equality. Although the situation was downright horrifying, Emma also said it “was a wake up shock” for the men around her who were more neutral about feminism.

Read more quotes from Emma’s conversation over at MTV!