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Watch the ‘Insurgent’ Cast Try to Sing Taylor Swift!

Watch the ‘Insurgent’ Cast Try to Sing Taylor Swift!

Watch what happens when Clevver News asks the cast of ‘Insurgent‘ to sing Taylor Swift’s songs!

I think Ansel Elgort and Theo James nailed it the best. (Ansel’s a total Swift fan — I mean, look at that huge smile.)

Shailene’s was just adorable. She tried to sing “You Belong With Me” and ended up singing: “I’m on the bleachers; you like his girlfriend.” Then, “I’m a straight A student; I like curly hair.”

While we’re on the topic of the ‘Insurgent‘ cast: We’re only five days away from the release of the movie. *fans self* Can you believe that the wait is finally almost over, fanpeople? So far the few reviews we’ve read have been glowing, which definitely has us even more pumped!

Insurgent‘ opens in theaters March 20!