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Watch the Latest ‘Insurgent’ TV Spot: “Be Different”

Watch the Latest ‘Insurgent’ TV Spot: “Be Different”

A fresh new ‘Insurgent‘ TV spot was just released, and it’s called “Be Different.” At this point we’re unsure if this is the same spot that’s set to air during the Oscars tonight, but we’re kind of greedy and hope we still get something new during the show. If not, we’re still happy with this Fourtris goodness!

The new clip was released via Jaguar Film International Distribution, which is described as “one of the leading forces in distribution in the Middle East for nearly forty years.”

Based on the ‘Insurgent‘ trailers, clips and TV spots we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that this movie is going to kick some serious box office ass!

Insurgent‘ hits theaters on March 20!