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WIGS Producer Talks Delirium Pilot

WIGS Producer Talks Delirium Pilot

WIGS producer Rodrigo Garcia chatted with the folks over at Give Me My Remote about the Delirium pilot and the possibility of it continuing. Check out what he had to say about the Delirium journey so far:

On Possibly filming more episodes:

“Well, I don’t know. Obviously, like everything else in the world, it’s depending on if the audience is big, we would be tempted to do more, to find it again, to expand. We don’t rule out anything. But for now, we just want people to enjoy the pilot…it tells a lot about the characters in this world that they live in, and their predicament, and their dangers, and their passions. I think it’s enjoyable on its own. Of course, if it did very, very well, I’m sure we’d consider things. But we don’t want to get ahead of our audience here.”

On acquiring DELIRIUM for WIGS:

“I directed the pilot, and I always thought the books were so good and the idea was so good. We were able to put together with Fox a cast of really lovely and talented and likable cast members. I always thought it was a shoo-in to become a series, and it didn’t. Things don’t become series for different reasons; it’s never one thing. I always thought, “Why throw it away? Why don’t we play it? Why not on our own channel?” Our [programming] is about female characters and lives of women, and certainly this series circles around this character. [WIGS] is also teamed up with Fox, so we started pestering them: “We’d love to play this on our channel.”

On the social media hype surrounding the show:

“I’m not surprised, because even as we were shooting the pilot, the response was huge. People that follow the books, people that follow the writer, our cast, especially Emma [Roberts (Lena)] has a humongous amount — in the millions — of followers on Twitter and Instagram. So I’m not surprised that even a tweet from her made a big difference.”

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Would you like to see more Delirium?

Thanks to JJJ